Scope of Work

The work of an R&D programmers includes creation of engine for game use, tools creation for the development environment, research on cutting edge technology, and presentations. Since this position focuses on creating a game development environment, at least one game development project experience is required.
If you are inexperienced or have no game development experience, you will be assigned to a game project to gain game development experience. Also, with overseas training and various manual reading and writing requirements, English ability will be favored, however it can also be learned on the job.
Applicants for this job who already have these qualifications or are interested in these fields will be suited for this work.

Application Requirements

University graduate with a BSc, with mathematics and physics knowledge and a programming background with C or C++ is desired. Prior game programming experience is a major plus. Higher priority will be given to applicants that have prior experience with specific knowledge in game engine development, assembly, shaders, networks, RDBMS/KVS, machine learning, DCC tool plug-in development, off-line render development and real-time graphics. Higher priority will be given to all applicants with English ability as well.

Application Documentation

Special notice for this job.

English speakers will be considered for this position. Japanese ability is not required.

Submission of Application Documentation

tri-Ace Career Opportunities Div. (kyaria saiyo gakari)
Sumitomo-fudousan Shibakoen First Bldg. 7th fl., 3-8-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan.