SYSTEM MANAGEMENTTakeshi KitamuraSomeone who can spot issues and think of solutions
while in the course of everyday work.

What is your job?

I manage the department that maintains user PCs, company servers and network infrastructure. That is, we cover all IT issues from installation to maintenance. We certainly take care of PCs, but since this is a game company, there are a lot of development machines (game dev units, smart phones, etc.) to support.
Server and network installation and operations are also part of the job. These items are always expected to just work, so reacting quickly and addressing the issue can certainly make for some unexpected excitement.
Also, it is not just a matter of turning things on, but doing periodic update installations and monitoring of the infrastructure. We run diagnostics to catch failures before they happen, identifying performance issues and addressing them in an appropriate manner.
For the most part, we’re using commercially available software, but there are times when we modify or add to existing software to suit our needs.
Recently we are using cloud based services. However, it is not just a matter of using it, since there are still a lot of areas where the security is questionable, so we’re addressing those issues as we roll out the service. We also develop the communications software so that our internal infrastructure and cloud service can interact appropriately.
IT is a quickly evolving ecosystem, so we’re constantly scanning for new technologies and attempting to keep abreast of all the changes.

What kind of co-worker do you want?

I don't need people who are 'by the book'. Someone who can spot issues and think about solutions while in the course of everyday work and who are constantly paying attention to what they do rather than just going through the motions.

Advice for applicants.

If you think of it as just a job, then it probably won't work out. It is work that is more technology oriented than most jobs, so a person that is already personally invested in tech would be appropriate.

What is your impression of tri-Ace?

It is a company that mainly focuses on internal development. As such, it has the ability to judge technology so system management is held to the same high standards and understanding.