SENIOR GAME DESIGNERNaoko AndoI want people who are empathetic
with the team and to people who are distressed.

What is your job?

I write proposals or design, discuss with team members to create implementation documents and keep track of team tasks so that I can resolve issues as they arise.
For game projects, I'm involved from beginning to end. Right from the very initial proposals, to creating game framework, implementation documents, allocations to various divisions, data entry, change requests and fixes and then ensuring that core visions has been implemented into the final game.
Game proposals and projects aren't just about creating your visions- it is a collaborative effort of programmers, artists and library team members. A single game designer can't even get a single letter on screen by themselves. That's why they need to be able to fully explain, collaborate and build consensus to move forward together as a team.

What kind of co-worker do you want?

I would like to work with someone that works hard because they have a vision of what they want to create. Also, someone that doesn't just think about themselves, but is empathetic with the team and to people who are distressed.

Advice for applicants.

Thank you for considering us. We've been fortunate that we're busy and lack enough designers. I get the impression that this is a good place to work from the applications of people who have worked with us in the past and people who want to return. Please, please apply.

What is your impression of tri-Ace?

It is a relatively flat company structure that makes it easy to talk to people. It's an environment that will take your aspirations into account. It is an easy company to work for with it being easy to take time-off, maternity leave, and flex time for people with kids.