DIRECTORKENTARO ARAKAWAIt is a company that for your ideas into the game.

What is your specific work?

The design objective, checking the implementation specifications, messaging, requesting (directing) and checks (confirmations). Quality management, overseeing the schedule. The very basic is communicating the overall vision of the product, and then making sure that each lead is working to implement that vision while balancing schedule and quality management.
There isn't as much of creation of smaller detailed specs, but a lot of communications, consensus building, requesting of features. Therefore, it is imperative that a clear vision of the product is communicated.
You're often communicating your image of what it is by talking or design documents, however regardless of time and materials, everything that is required to improve the quality is not going to be transmitted. Therefore, periodic checks and updates with additional explanations are going to be required. "Anticipate and implement my vision through osmosis" isn't going to cut it, so you need to be constantly communicating your vision to ensure that discrepancies don't creep in.
You'll feel moments of accomplishment when the various parts that you envisioned are implemented into the game and they work. The huge accomplishments come with the completion and release of the game.
It is hard to encapsulate the required skills, but you should have a broad understanding of the development process, at least an average ability level to communicate and a personality that doesn't get frustrated and stopped.

What kind of co-worker do you want?

Someone that can think for themselves, quick and adaptable, has a strong sense of what they want, but is able to cooperate and work with others. Someone that is optimistic always wanting to improve.

Advice for applicants.

tri-Ace doesn't have a set unique culture that must be followed. Use your previous experiences and skill set freely.

What is your impression of tri-Ace?

It is a place that allows you to express your opinions regardless of your title or hierarchy within the company. It is a company that if you speak up and present a convincing argument for your ideas, they may be implemented into the game.