Naoto UdagawaI want to work with someone who has a firm vision of
what they want to do in the game business.

What is your specific work?

As a programmer, I am responsible for creating the system and environment to make games run.
It isn’t often that I am just doing one specific thing; often, I'm helping out with other tasks where they may be undermanned, or working on a particularly tricky issue.
In game development there are many things beyond battles and UI that are invisible, but need to be addressed and worked on. They may not be readily apparent on a game screen, but by being worked on in a game development environment, it makes for a better game. I find that perspective makes work more interesting.

What kind of co-worker do you want?

Someone who has a firm vision of what they want to do in the game business.

Advice for applicants.

At our company, we have created our own game engine. This of course makes it a requirement to learn specific information, but an in-house engine also allows for great flexibility in what you can do. Wanting to make games is a given, but for people interested in engines and systems, I would think that this is intriguing challenge.

What is your impression of tri-Ace?

It has a horizontal company structure, so if you express your desire to do something, that will be taken into consideration depending on the situation.