YASUHIKO SHIBUYAI want people who can already envision
what sort of effects that they want to create.

What is your job?

I am in charge of the artists that handle creating effects for special moves and magic, such as presentations that stem from the game system in regards to player/monster special moves and status ailments. We’re also responsible for fire and sand cloud effects in cut scenes and backgrounds, where the character isn't the trigger.
The process involves thinking about the processing load share for the target hardware and game, then deciding upon appropriate presentations. It's tricky because you have to determine shader development, creation pipelines and data amounts that fit the project; however, it's a great feeling when that data juggling and presentation tricks all come together to blend in harmony with the character and scene.
You may think that it is only effects, but when you’re just creating pictures, it may lead to disconnects with the overall world atmosphere and the game. It is important to consider the characters, background creation, data structures, and how the created pieces will be implemented into the game, so that you can effectively execute and deliver on the needs of the game designers and programmers.
Special move effects are something that the player triggers themselves that are cool, cute or fun that make them feel connected to the game and enhances their enjoyment of it. Therefore I am always trying to think about that user experience when working on projects.

What kind of co-worker do you want?

I want people who are also interested in things beyond visual effects (presentations, gameplay, shader technology) and use that knowledge with their drive to envision what sort of effects that they want to create.

Advice for applicants.

The overall direction is often left up to the individual when creating effects and visuals, so I want people here that don’t let the tool dictate the art, but people who have their own vision that can make the tool express what they want.

What is your impression of tri-Ace?

The large work spaces are created so that individuals have their backs to each other so when you want to focus on your work it is easily possible, but it also facilitates the ease of gathering in that area to have impromptu discussions and meetings.